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Denso Butyl Primer-Butyl Tape Primer

A brush, sponge roller or spray applied solvent based adhesive primer. For use on new, power brushed, or grit blasted metal pipe work, to condition the surface prior to the application of Denso self amalgamating tapes. For the prevention of corrosion on metallic pipelines.

Denso Butyl Mastic Strip

A permanently plastic (non-hardening) mastic, mouldable by hand.

Denso S43 Tape-Inner Wrap

Self amalgamating butyl rubber based compound encasing a polyethylene reinforcing film.
The Denso S43 tape provides the anti-corrosion protection to the substrate. 


Denso R23 Tape-Outer Wrap

Self amalgamating butyl rubber based compound with a polyethylene backing. 
The Denso R23 outer wrap tape provides the mechanical protection to the system. 

It is recommended that the products above are used together to form a total corrosion protection system.

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