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Denso MP Primer-Petrolatum Tape Primer

Fills surface imperfections and ensures intimate contact between Denso Mastic or Denso Tapes and the substrate being protected.May also be used as a rust preventative on exposed metal, screw threads, valve spindles, turnbuckles, wire rope etc. Protection of pipelines, joints, fittings, cables, tensioning members.

Denso Profiling Mastic

Filler for profiling around pipe joints, flanges, fittings, nuts, bolts and other irregular shapes to improve contours for subsequent tape wrapping. Ensures intimate contact between Denso Tapes and the substrate being protected. Also for sealing cable and pipe entry ducts; temporary plugging of spare ducts; filling electrical gland and junction boxes.

Denso Petrolatum Tape

For corrosion protection, sealing and water proofing of metal above and below ground. Protection of pipelines, joints, fittings, cables, tensioning members.


Denso PVC SA Tape-Outer wrap for Petrolatum Tape

A tough multi-purpose, heavy duty, conformable, pressure sensitive adhesive PVC tape

It is recommended that the products above are used together to form a total corrosion protection system.

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