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Stylus 8518 PVC Tape

Black plasticised PVC film coated with medium tack acrylic adhesive. Designed to remove cleanly this tape is ideally suited for various forms of internal & external surface protection & light weight bundling applications.

Stylus MSK 180 Silicon Splicing Tape

High temperature polyester masking tape with a specially formulated green silicone adhesive. The tape withstands high temperatures and chemicals and will remove cleanly from various surfaces. The product is designed for butt splicing and tabbing silicone papers & liners. It can be used by Powder Coaters as a high grade masking tape. Colour: Green.

Polyethylene Protection Film

Black PE film coated with medium tack acrylic adhesive. Weather resistant & UV stable, removes cleanly up to 6 months. Easy unwind & excellent conformability. Protects surfaces from mild abrasions, dirt, moisture, oils & solvents. 
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Patco 8300 Leading Edge Tape

Clear polyurethane tape coated with aggressive acrylic adhesive. Tough, flexible & U.V. resistant film designed as an exterior surface protection film. Ideally suited for protecting faces of cricket bats & hockey sticks.

PTFE High Temperature Cloth Tape

Glass fabric cloth coated with aggressive high heat tolerant silicone adhesive. Ideally suited for creating release surface on heat sealing & packaging machines.
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Tapes Plus Ltd is a rapidly growing company whose primary focus is to supply quality tape products at an affordable price with great service. We have aligned ourselves with the largest privately owned tape company in Australasia, Stylus Tapes International to ensure that we have access to many of the best brands and quality products that are available from around the world.

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