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H11 Pistol Grip Dispenser

Premium Italian made pistol grip dispenser that accommodates rolls up to 50mm.

H14 Noise Reduction Dispenser

Specially designed pistol grip dispenser that lowers the noise of tape by up to 75% while being applied. Can accommodate rolls up to 50mm.

D2-38 & D2-50 Tear Drop Dispenser 

Premium grade steel tear drop accommodates rolls up to 38mm or 50mm in width.

ATG-50 Transfer Tape Dispenser

Professional grade transfer dispenser with extended nose to allow user to get into tight places. Ideal for applying 6mm, 12mm & 19mm width rolls.

HT-21 Transfer Tape Dispenser

General purpose transfer tape gun, ideally suited for use with Stylus T003 removable transfer tape.

B2/N Desk Dispenser

Italian made premium desk-top dispenser that adapts to take both small & large rolls.

B3 Bench Clamp Dispenser

Can be clamped or fixed to any surface, twin rolls allow user to place two rolls up to 24mm side by side or accommodate one larger roll up to 50mm.

E7-R Bag Neck Sealer

Premium grade steel dispenser with bag cutting feature that can accommodate rolls up to 12mm.
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Tapes Plus Ltd is a rapidly growing company whose primary focus is to supply quality tape products at an affordable price with great service. We have aligned ourselves with the largest privately owned tape company in Australasia, Stylus Tapes International to ensure that we have access to many of the best brands and quality products that are available from around the world.

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