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Cleaning & Installation Procedures for Very High Bond Tapes




Most adhesive backed tapes are suitable for bonding to a variety of surfaces, including many plastics, composites, sealed wood, sealed concrete and metals. A thorough evaluation is recommended when bonding to any questionable surface. Porous surfaces such as wood, concrete & brick should be smooth & sealed with an appropriate sealer prior to application.
Our tapes can only be applied to a surface that has been adequately cleaned and is dry and smooth. Very smooth & high gloss surfaces should be scuffed with 1200 wet & dry grit or equivalent abrasive followed by the cleaning process mentioned below in Step 2.
Surfaces must be free of:
• Any Contaminants
• Moisture & Chemical Residue
• Dust, Fibres, Concrete Powders, Sand, Soil or Dirt Particles
• O.E.M. Cleaners, Grease, Wax, Detergent & Soap Residues
• Flaking Paint, Rust or any Loose Material


The surface being applied to should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaning solution, preferably IPA (Isopropanol) using a clean lint-free wiping cloth or disposable wipe (never re-cycled rags). This should be performed no more than 15 minutes prior to application.
Surfaces that show any indication of flaking, rust or sediment build up, should be scuffed prior to application to loosen & remove any particles prior to the use of the cleaning solution. This can be achieved using various methods such as wire brushing, sanding & other similar means.
Under no exceptions should a chemical remover be used.


Once the surface has been adequately smoothed, cleaned & allowed to dry or cure the installation can occur. Remove the protective release liner from the adhesive tape immediately prior to applying to the part you are bonding, being careful not to contaminate the adhesive with fingers or hands.
Once the tape is in place, ensure that sufficient rub down pressure is applied to the entire surface area of tape to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive. Surface temperature should be above 10ºC at time of application. (Use some heat if necessary - Hair Dryer, Fan Heater etc.).
NB. Storage – all tapes should be stored at room temperature to avoid moisture/condensation build up on the adhesive.
SPECIAL NOTE: Adhesive Bond Strength will improve with time varying from a few hours to 2-3 days depending on the adhesive tape product used & climatic conditions. If you require further assistance please contact your Stylus Technical sales representative
The above information is given in good faith for guidance only and not specification purposes. All data is based upon
average values, the Purchaser shall be responsible for determining the suitability of this product for their purposes.
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